A new series is on the horizon!

Yesterday I published the first book in my New Hope Shifters series and I'm so excited for you to get your hands on it.

Jameson is book one of the five book series. Don't be surprised if I add more to the series later on though, these shifters are more than I expected and plan on spending a lot of time in thier world.

The Walker men left their large grizzly bear pack in North Dakota in search of their fated mates. When they stopped in Berkely Springs, WV over a year ago they knew this was where they needed to be.

Jameson Walker is an ER doctor and the Alpha of his small pack. His brother Jackson and cousins Remington, Hudson, and Weston joined him on his journey knowing their mate wasn't back in their old pack.

After a year and a half and no mate, Jameson is not expecting her to be delivered to him in an ambulance at his ER. He'll do whatever it takes to save her, protect her, and mate her.

Lillian Burbank hasn't had the easiest go of it, but she made sure not to end up like her brother and dad. She's making something of her life, even if it is as a preschool teacher in her small town of Berkely Springs.

I hope you'll stick around to watch how the rest of their stories unfold. Their journeys won't be easy, but what love story ever is? There might be a surprise in there you aren't expecting.

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